Fun Words With Your Good Friend Tyler

Oct. 5 2015

Rainy, or cloudy, days are some of my favorite days. When you’re outside it’s always nice and cool, like it’s air conditioned outside. I mean who doesn’t like air conditioning?!

They are the type of days when you get a chance to have a real excuse not to go outside too. It’s the world letting you know ‘hey stay inside for a sec. I got to take care of the place your living at right now’. Honestly, why would you mess with Earth? So here’s a helpful hint, don’t.

If you ever find yourself disappointed or sad on a day that’s full of cloud cover, just remember: your skin isn’t burning from the sun right now. Right now you are running as fast as you can, and cooling off just as fast as you decided to stop running.



About TJCox

I like to write things, and I like history.
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