Free Short Story!

Hey friends. There’s a free short story on Amazon today, and it’s written by me! Check it out. This is the first story I wrote for the Spring’s Leap series, and I still love it today. I had a lot of fun writing it, and I wrote is very quickly too. It only took me a weekend for this one. If you want to get a taste of this world, check out the Greskor tab at the top of this page, and take a look!

Synopsis: In this gripping new series by author Tyler Cox we find ourselves transported to the land of Greskor. Walled cities are considered a dishonorable way of protecting your people. The roads are fraught with danger. But that does not matter for our little group of traveling merchants as the road closes before them. Their next destination is within their reach and they have many things to sell. Their last stop wasn’t as profitable as one member wanted, and his vision may be slipping away before he can grab it. The others have their own ideas of what their little group is however. It could mean a second chance, a family, or a new life. This new city will put their ideas to the test. In this first installment of a series of short stories we find ourselves in the view of Talon, a growing boy wondering about the future of his position and whether or not the group will still need him.


About TJCox

I like to write things, and I like history.
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