It’s Almost Summer!

It is nearly time for us all to be enjoying the sun and clear skies here in Wisconsin. With the timulut of weather we have over spring, a few weeks of similar weather patterns will be a fresh air to us.

One of the things for being a Community Advisor (or RA) is that there is a banquet to attend, and there for being in Hall Government before I was hired for that there is also a banquet. I really enjoyed the smaller, yet home-like atmosphere of the Hall Gov. banquet, and I got to see some of the same people at the CA banquet and had a good time with them enjoying the last time we would all be together this year.

So for my Thursday and Friday last week I got to go and eat food,  and get an ‘award’ for being a Hall Representative. That however does not do well for writing. Especially when Thursdays and Fridays are my most free days. Leaving room for writing and drawing (something else I’ve been working on) was a little difficult last week, but clear skies await. For soon finals shall begin and end once more.

Have no fear, I’d say I got a solid 1,000 words written in each story last week. That was mostly due to a good weekend of enjoying my writing again. That has been something I have struggled with. I always speak of my writing, and while I do have works up on the web, I’d say I am biased towards seeing a piece of work is only a true piece of work if it is bound and on the shelves. Also  both of those things up are not completed. That is something that nags at me. I am writing, if only I could write faster, and remember when I was starting out that I didn’t have a care for structure. I wrote what I wanted, and now I think I want too much.

Poem of the day:

“To the sky

I look clear

To the ground

I am muddy

Yet the true


Is not yet clear”

Think about it an tell me what you think of it. I am not strong in poetry, so a little constructive criticism would be helpful.

Have a great day!



About TJCox

I like to write things, and I like history.
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