As I’ve been reading through the Wheel of Time series, there were large expanses were characters were not seen or heard from by major POV characters. I found myself saying “welcome back!!!” as if to a long time friend who had come back into our lives (characters in the book and my own). The sheer amount of joy when favored characters return to meet with other favorite characters of mine is sheer joy, and is what I love about reading. I feel more attached to characters that I see and know what they feel rather than watching a person that does not always match my image of the person.

While in my own writing, I found a similar experience. With the novel placed on my “to write” shelf for now (so I can finish other smaller projects such as Old Thorns and Sping’s Leap), I reminisced with old characters of my own that I treasure. That is one of the thing I love about writing to me. When there is someone I love interacting with another and growing together in my own world, I can barely keep it secret ;).

In life I want to remember this. Your favorite people (you know friends) that talk with each other to solve something and like spending time with each other is a feeling that is not easily replaced.

With regret I finished the Wheel of Time, and those character’s story is now over. A tale we hear everyday in our world. Don’t let your story end without a few people who were there beside you.

To live, is to grow.

See you all later!


About TJCox

I like to write things, and I like history.
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