About Tyler Cox

I am a student currently, going for a degree in Journalism. I like writing and talking to people and understanding their stories. I am also a Community Advisor at my campus too, where I am there for my residents if they need someone to talk too or have questions pertaining to the campus, classes, and campus policies.

I started writing stories on October 31st 2010. I know this because I drew a map and wrote a back story on my church information pamphlet. The pastor was talking about something I had heard before… and listened to before so I got distracted and started thinking about the Lord of the Rings. I had recently watched all the movies at that I time, and started reading the Fellowship of the Ring. I thought the Fellowship was too boring, and the movie so much more interesting, with story short comings (at the time this was what I thought). I then thought, I could do better… no I will do better. So I made my first map and back story of the book I was about to write.

That book has gone through different drafts as I’ve grown in my ability to write, and I’m getting closer to the end of it. However, I feel into one of a new authors short comings. I wanted to write a lot more.

I’m glad to say I have three writing projects going on currently, and now I am committing to finish them in this order:

1 Old Thorns – free for the time being, I plan to put this on Amazon once it is done.
2 Spring’s Leap – a novelette series.
3 The Book

The book has the most done on it, and the other two can be finished much quicker. Spring’s Leap Vol.1 is already up on Amazon. Check it our here if you’d like to buy it:


I hope you enjoy reading what I got, and let me know if you do, and if you don’t. I can’t grow unless I fix what is wrong first.

Have a good day!


Send me an email if you want to discuss books and thoughts at doc.tycox@gmail.com!

Facebook Page if you want to get connected even more, is right here:


Link to Mibba works:



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