Links to Amazon Books by Me


Spring’s Leap Collection Volume I

In this gripping new series by author Tyler Cox we find ourselves transported to the land of Greskor. Walled cities are considered a dishonorable way of protecting your people. The roads are fraught with danger. But that does not matter for our little group of traveling merchants as the road closes before them. Their next destination is within their reach and they have many things to sell. Their last stop wasn’t as profitable as one member wanted, and his vision may be slipping away before he can grab it. The others have their own ideas of what their little group is however. It could mean a second chance, a family, or a new life. This new city will put their ideas to the test. In this first installment of a series of short stories we find ourselves in the view of Talon, a growing boy wondering about the future of his position and whether or not the group will still need him.



The Gathering Tides, A Collection of Short Stories

Clear Skies
A couple wonders of escaping their own life, while simultaneously escaping a blood thirsty faction of marauders. These two pilots have known only how to survive,

The Trapped Soul
A smith contemplates his own belonging to his lord after a traumatizing battle. A volent confrontation with a high-born knight forces him to make a decision: to accept his lowly place or to leave it all behind, but leaving it behind comes with a cost…

The Journey Home
A group of employee’s of a Corporation that sends it’s workers to different planets, are headed to their home planet, with their contract finished. But all their hard work will be gone in an instant if they don’t confront the threat lurking in the cold void of space.





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